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New Flash + Wallpaper!

2009-08-30 06:19:55 by IcarusClock

Hey gents!

I am working on a new flash that is actually longer than 30 seconds and actually GOOD.

Excpect good stuff!

Also, on in other news I made a spiffy new Wallpaper!

No one will use it apart from me, but I haz like!

Laterz all!

New Flash + Wallpaper!


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2009-08-30 10:18:15

I changed the hue a little to match my classic theme colors, but i am using it right now.

IcarusClock responds:

Wow sick!

Haha thanks a bunch dude!

You're officially cool!


2009-09-10 04:55:37


IcarusClock responds:

By terrible, do you mean awesome?

Yeah, I know you do!